Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Keystone Parent Communication

I am far from a social media high flyer.  Part of my professional goal this year has been to increase communication with parents.  There are various avenues I am using to try and accomplish that.  Please provide me feedback positively or negatively as to how you would like me and our staff to communicate with you on a regular basis.  Many of the professional learning opportunities I have attended over the last couple of years I have regularly heard the following quote, "We, as school staff, spend more hours in the day with your children than you do."  This is very true during the school year.  So our goal as a school is to provide you, as parents and families, with as many communication techniques as possible to view what is going on with your kids during the school day.

1. Instagram - If you have a smart phone you are able to have an Instagram account.  It is a free download and is all photo or video based.  We have a Keystone Elementary Instagram account that all staff are posting pictures / videos to on a regular basis.  Please check it out at Keystone Elementary #keyrocks.

2.  District Facebook page, there are consistent forms of information put on there that pertains to district and building information.

3.  Email alerts - You have been receiving email notifications from me.  We have a new system that is very easy to use that pulls all email addresses from our power school informational system.  This allows me to push out information on a regular basis.  So, if you are going to be changing your email address at any time please let the office know so we can update your information in our system.

4. School website - Please be patient as we continue to iron out the kinks in our new school website.  It is going to be a great change but there are issues we are still working through with the company that set it up.  In saying that, there is a great feature that is up and running now.  To have email notifications for updated announcements specific to Keystone Elementary go to  Under our schools, select Keystone Elementary, on the right hand side of the page click on Keystone Announcements.  You will see Candi Benesh, click on her name, then click on subscribe to updates from author.  It will then ask you to enter your name and email address.  When you sign up for this, anytime a new announcement is posted it will be emailed to you. 

5. Teacher blogs -  Please check out our teacher blog pages.  They do a great job of using these to share information and pictures of their learning.  

                                      Teachers Connecting at Keystone

Mrs. Benton -
#KFkinders and @Mrs_KFisher (twitter)
@SamanthaHappel and #happelfirsties (twitter)
@AnnaUpah (twitter) and @BCFirst (instagram)
Mrs. Bridgewater -
Mrs. Bonewitz and Mrs. Kimm -  

Other Keystone / BC Educator Blogs
Mrs. Townsley -  @townsleyaj (twitter)
Benton Community Teacher Leadership -
Keystone Elementary - Instagram @KeystoneElementary #KeyRocks
BCSD Twitter - @BentonCSD #BentonCSD #beaboBCat #bentonpride

Mr. Junge 

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