Monday, September 18, 2017

Grading info from Parent Partnership Night

Keystone Parents,

Thanks to those of you who were able to make it to our Parent Partnership Night this past Wednesday.  For those of you who weren't able to make it I am sending the slide show of information our teachers presented.  Please feel free to email me at or call 319-442-3221 if you have any questions.  Thanks, Mr. Junge

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Parent Partnership Night / Free Cookies / Grading Info

6:15 - 7:00 at Keystone Elementary.

Free Cookies!!  Child Care provided!!

Please join us to meet with your child's grade level teachers to talk about grade reporting, learning goals for the year, and parent communication. It is key for you as the parent to know what we need from you at home to increase the child's growth for the year.

It is only 45 minutes long.  We want to continue to build our learning team between school and home.

Thanks, Mr. Junge

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Open House Parent-Teacher Conference Feedback

Keystone Parents,

Everything we do is to serve you and your child to make sure their educational experience at Keystone and Benton CSD is the best it can possibly be.  We would love your feedback and input with regards to our new idea for a more personalized conference to start the year.  Please take 5 minutes to fill out the survey included in my blog.  Thanks for your time and your commitment to your child's education.


Mr. Junge

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

12:00 Dismiss Wed.

We are having a 12:00 (noon) dismiss tomorrow, Wednesday 9/6, for PK-12 District PD.  I am attaching the link for the speaker we will be engaging with during our PD.  It is a great opportunity that Mr. Zittergruen and our School Board is allowing us to partake in.  Thanks, Mr. Junge

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

**Important** Please read

We still have some parents that need to sign up for a Parent-Teacher Conference to start the year. This is replacing our former Open House format of just coming in and dropping off materials.  Please sign up for a slot to bring in materials and build the all important teacher / parent relationship to start the year. Thanks, Mr. Junge
K-3 - 
PK -

Monday, August 7, 2017

PK Start Dates

Please note that our PK start dates are different than our K-3 dates.

4 year old PK - Aug. 24th
3 year old PK - Aug. 28th

Thanks, Mr. Junge

Monday, July 31, 2017

Before school starts Parent Teacher Conference

PK-3 parents,

We are trying something different and new this year.  We are changing from the informal Open House format we have done in the past and we are doing a schedule Parent-Teacher conference on the same date.  You will still bring in your school supplies like always, we just wanted to take the time to talk about goals for the year, building the school and home relationship, and what we need from you at home to help us maximize your child's growth.  Please go to the PK link below for a time and there is a separate K-3 link for sign up times.  Please email me at or call the office at 319-442-3221 if you need any help or have any questions.  Thanks, Mr. Junge

PK - 
K-3 -