Friday, October 16, 2015

Fire Education, Lock Downs, ALICE evacuations

Fire Education - We are having our bus evacuations on Wed. Oct. 21st along with our Fire Education time with the Keystone Fire Dept.  Keystone Fire Dept. will be here Wednesday morning to talk about fire safety at home and educate on evacuation plans from the home.  Be prepared for questions and suggestions from your kids:)

Lock Down Drills - In the next two weeks we will also be conducting a "lock down in place" drill.  This would be a situation where something has happened in the community and law enforcement has contacted us and said there is a potential threat in the area.  In these situations we lock everything down and do not allow anyone outside the building until the threat is over.

ALICE evacuations - During this two week time we will also be conducting our ALICE evacuation drills for an active threat inside the building.  Our rally point for all students and staff is the Keystone Nursing Care Center.  I am including a link that gives some good information about ALICE. ALICE evacuation information

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